Immediate Opening for a Chief Legal Assistant to manage a team of 10 legal assistants.

  • Be responsible for the leadership, supervision, coordination and efficient day-to-day operation of the Legal Assistant section of a County office in addition to carrying a caseload.
  • Serve as part of the MPD management structure, make recommendations to County Director and Executive Director on management and planning issues, including intra-county transfer of staff. Participate actively in the management meetings, including formulation and implementation of goals and objectives within the office in conjunction with County Director; participate in office wide management team meetings.
  • Assist County Director in assigning Legal Assistant II’s and Legal Assistant I’s to individual groups.
  • Build a strong section, resolve individual team or group conflicts and arrange coverage for short and long term absences of staff.
  • Assist with dissemination of information.
  • Facilitate smooth handling of cases when staff changes occur to assure appropriate distribution of cases, especially during case transfers.
  • Solicit input for and prepare performance evaluations for all all Legal Assistant I’s and Legal Assistant II’s in the County on a timely basis.
  • Closely monitor performance of new hires during evaluative period. Communicate areas of concern and establish and conduct monitored improvement programs with objectives and timelines. Make recommendation to County Director concerning future employee status decisions for staff in evaluative period.
  • Closely monitor performance of employees in any stage of the progressive disciplinary process. Communicate areas of concern, establish and conduct monitored improvement programs with objectives and timelines. Take disciplinary action, as necessary, and make recommendations to County Director for additional disciplinary action including termination.
  • Assure regular section meetings for administrative, case and office-related issues; assure that regular meetings are conducted by the individual teams within groups for case handling decisions; instill a sense of cooperation and identity within the section while maintaining a sense of allegiance to the office and the multi-team concept.

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