MPD’s COMMUNITY LAW DIVISION offers a host of legal services for Oregonians in need including:

  • Barrier Reduction: Expunging Criminal Records, Reducing Felonies to Misdemeanors, Navigating Current Court Requirements, Converting Fines and Fees, Sex Offender Registration Relief, Appealing Designations and Exclusions, Outstanding Warrant and Fines, and more.
  • Civil Legal Services: Public Benefit issues, Family Law, Estate Planning, Landlord Tenant Advocacy, Restraining Order and Stalking Order Advocacy, and more.
  • Immigration: Removal Defense, Adjustment of Status, work authorization, and more.

Who we Serve: We serve Oregonians, regardless of immigration status, who are high risk for involvement or have been involved in the criminal justice system. We also partner with SSVF to provide services to Veterans.

If we can help you, call us at: 503-225-9100, toll free at 888-MPDLAW0 (toll free 888-673-5290).