Do you have fines and fees in Multnomah County?

If you are 80% below the Area Median Income for Portland you may qualify to have your Multnomah County fines and fees forgiven through Multnomah Project Reset. Multnomah Project Reset is a partnership between MPD’s Community Law Division, the DA’s office, the Circuit Court, and Multnomah County.

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How does it work?

Every month, 60 qualifying individuals will be randomly selected to have their Multnomah County fines and fees waived. In order to get in the pool, individuals must fill out the form below.

We can only select 60 people a month. Those who are not selected for that month may enter their name in the pool the following month. We cannot guarantee that you will be selected. Only those who meet the income requirements, those with qualifying fines, and those who have not participated in a Multnomah Project Reset event in the last 18 months will qualify.

Currently NO community service or social service hours are required. There are income qualifications, so please answer those questions honestly. You will be asked to sign a sworn declaration that will go to the court.

Pre-Registration Required!

To register please fill out the form below and hit submit. If you have questions, or need help filling out the form, please call our Multnomah Project Reset Hotline and leave a message. We will get back to you within 14 days.

MPR Hotline Number: 503-273-8224

 Important Information:

  • Only the following people will qualify to enter the pool:
    • Those who have not been a participant of a Multnomah Project Reset in the last 18 months
    • Those below 80% the Area Median Income for Portland.
    • Participants cannot be in prison or jail at the time of entry.
  • We can only waive Multnomah County fines and fees. We cannot waive of restitution, compensatory fines, probation fees, child support, fines on open cases, or fines on open probation cases. Some DUI’s within the last 6 years may not qualify.
  • Please note that entering into the pool does not mean you will be selected. And being selected is not necessarily a guarantee that we can waive your fines. You will be contacted by an attorney if you are selected, and will be contacted further if we cannot waive your fines.
  • If you are not selected, you may enter yourself into the pool the next month.
  • Only those who are at 80% or below of the Area Median Income for Portland may qualify at this time. For 2023 that means:


Household Size Annual Household Income (80%)
1 $63,200
2 $72,240
3 $81,280
4 $90,240
5 $97,520
6 $104,720
7 $111,920
8 $119,120
  • Caseworkers from a social service organization can both enter their participants into the initial application process and if that person is selected as one of the 60, the caseworker has the option of signing the sworn declaration on behalf of their participant so long as they have their participants permission.
  • If you believe we have missed a ticket at a prior Multnomah Project Reset please call the Multnomah Project Reset hotline and leave a message: 503-273-8224.

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